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CkarK Zapper
Clark Zapper

Lo zapper è un apparecchio di terapia, inventata dalla Dr. Clark di fama mondiale. Uccide piccoli microorganismi come parassiti e energizza i nostri globuli bianchi.
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Krankheiten und Protokolle
Malattie e Protocolli

In che modo i parassiti, i batteri, i virus e i funghi differiscono tra loro e cosa provocano nel corpo?

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My name is DN. I am a computer programmer, 40 years old.

I have been having health problems for the last 4 years, such as:

  • bad digestion
  • tiredness
  • chest pains

My alopathic doctor was not even able to acknowledge my problems, in spite of a dozen medical exams.

I changed him to no avail. My life was miserable 4 month ago, full of pain and fatigue. I could not do my work which needs total concentration, nor to cater for my wife who was pregnant at that time. My enormous luck was to find   Dr. Clark's book "The cure for all Diseases" in a health store.

Browsing it I realized that is a total new approach to health. Now I think that this book is the biggest medical breakthrough possible.

I am sure that Dr Clark has gotten to the root cause of all diseases.

After applying Dr Clark's suggestion, now, after 4 months, my health is almost recovered (75-80%) and am still working on it.

It is a shame that Dr Clark has been arrested !!!!!!  She is sharing her invaluable knowledge for almost nothing, helping people to cure un-treatable diseases, while medical doctors, just because they have a piece of paper with their name on it, can practice the today's medicine horrors (just some: gallbladder surgery, root canal, antibiotics, etc.).

That woman needs a statue, not cuffs.

free Dr. Hulda Clark if you don't want to make her a martyr!


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