To Whom It May Concern-

I had been diagnosed with minor cervical cancer, and went through a hysterectomy. Since then, I have not been happy with the subsequent follow up provided by traditional doctors.

I started following Dr. Clark's advice found in her books, and have had remarkable results! The first time I used the parasite "zapper", dead fluke worms were very noticeable in my stools! I had been extremely fatigued all of the time -- would be in bed every day between 7 and 8. Since zapping, my energy levels have increased DRAMATICALLY! I am able to start new projects with enthusiasm, and never feel tired! The only change in my lifestyle has been what I have been following in Dr. Clark's books!

I am VERY distressed at hearing that Dr. Clark has been arrested! This country was founded on freedom and individuality and freedom of speech. If I want to try something that I believe will help my health, I don't need this government stepping in to "protect" me!

I want to make my own choices, and if I am wrong, then I alone am responsible for the consequences. I don't want that freedom of choice taken away from me by arresting an innocent person for practising medicine without a license. What is medicine? Are they going to arrest the native American Indian Medicine Man? Are they going to arrest every herbalist and holistic practitioner next?!!!

This sounds to me like Big Business, (the health insurance industry, the pharmaceutical companies and the medical hospitals & doctors) just trying to protect their own pocketbooks! It's unfortunate that Government is so influenced by their monetary contributions that they feel they have to go on these "witch hunts" to stop the general population from staying well.



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