Unusual Liver Cleanse results – including Fluorite poisoning and Colloidal Silver

Dear Cristina,

I do not believe the white was calcified. I believe it contained fluorite. It was a much brighter white than the calcified stones, phosphoresced, and very very sticky.

I probably wrote more than you have time to read, but here is what I was trying to convey: The Colloidal Silver and Dr. Clark's liver cleanses may have acted together for me to get old fluorite poisoning out of my liver. It is my hope that this is true and it might help someone else. Fluorite is such a terrible poison, as I am sure you well know. From my first letter to you: "the king liver stone came out during a liver cleanse! It was 0.9 inches long and 0.5 inches in diameter. It had a white sticky stuff on it. Sticky like a Band-Aid gone bad. There was a clear fluid with the big stone. The white sticky stuff phosphoresced rust brown (!) and the liquid phosphoresced super-ball white-green, just as fluorite would.

There are reports that colloidal silver helps to neutralize fluorite.

Thanks to all of you. I've bought and given away at least a dozen of Dr. Clark's books. I am such a big fan.

Three of us got rid of diagnosed Fibromyalgia with the parasite cleanse + liver cleanse over a decade ago. I could go on and on with other great results, but until now they were all covered, and expected from Dr. Clark's reported research. In all my reading of Dr. Clark's material, I've not seen anything like the cleansing of fluorite poisoning. (I could missed that part, granted.)

It  may be the colloidal silver is needed to help neutralize the fluorite.

I felt I should pass it on to her. I've read that fluorite is worse than mercury. And there are our livers, coping with it! It may have caused the type of diabetes I came down with. I will keep you posted if that clears up.


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