I would like to offer you the following testimonial for publication.  Thisis a quick version of my story.

I was formerly an executive with a very large multinational company.  After an incredibly busy lifestyle and a great deal of world travel for over a decade, I became sick with a non-nondescript illness that later was labeled as Fibromyalgia.  I documented over 50 different and worrisome symptoms that cropped up in a period of about 6 months while I got increasingly sick and left my job.  This was unbelievable since I had never been sick enough to stay home from even a day at work prior to this time in my life. 

Much of what I suffered from was almost excruciating pain, lack of mobility, poor digestion, restless legs, etc. etc.  I tried 12 medical doctors all of whom found nothing wrong and treated me with drugs of one kind or another that did nothing helpful.

I read dozens of books and then came upon yours while browsing in the bookstore.  I read it enthusiastically and for two years have followed your programs religiously finding every source of pollutants possible, purifying our products and lifestyle. 

I am so pleased to tell you that after five years of continuous sickness, I am now completely well, symptom free, addicted to all of your cleanses, and I have become a Dr. Clark evangelist.

I buy 20 of each of your books at a time and give them to everyone I know that is suffering.  At times I take people the herbs, the zapper and the book all at the same time as a gift to give back to someone else what I have been given.  I can almost quote the books verbatim at this point.

Thank you for being a brilliant scientist, a caring human being, and a fighter so that the world may benefit from your work.  May your research continue and the obstacles melt away.  If I can be of service, I would be honored.


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