Subject: Eureka! It Works

I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.  My first flare started after a mycoplasma infection.  I believe the mycoplasmas were able to infect my body beyond the ability of the short-term antibiotics I was given at the time.  Mycoplasmas are the smallest of bacteria and have no cell walls so they must invade the body's cells.  Once inside the cells, hey are very difficult to detect and to kill.  However, once they kill the host cells, they must go in search of other host cells.  I believe that is when they are vulnerable to antibiotics.

Mycoplasmas are highly suspected in Gulf War Illness, CFS, FMS, MS, ALS, Lupus and other diseases.

I have been on antibiotics and am using colloidal silver to help me fight the mycoplasmas.  I had a Herxheimer Effect from the antibiotics and was feeling better but had to go off them for two weeks.  I got very sick and was put back on them.   I didn't seem to be making the progress the second cycle as I had the first, but I got the zapper and started using it once a day.  After several weeks, I wasn't getting better so decided to zap twice a day.  Well, Lordy, did I ever have a Herx.  It lasted two days.  The Herx, or healing crisis as some prefer to call it, is very distinctive in that not only do I feel as though I have the flu, the trunk of my body feels like it is burning from the inside out.  Today, I am through purging and detoxing and feel better.  I actually have been pain free all day.  I am going back to once a day on the Zapper, but now I know for certain that it is killing off the wee beasties in my system.

I have just started researching stealth viruses and am amazed at what little I have learned already.  I am glad to have my zapper because I believe it will save my going through expensive testing and taking antiviral meds.  However, after using it for some time, if I'm not better, I will test for the stealth virus.  Like the mycoplasmas, these viruses hide out in blood cells.  They can also mutate to ensure they continue to thrive, much as bacteria can become resistant to antibiotics.  Stealth viruses are also considered main sources of illnesses.

I have had no problems with yeast infections despite long-term use of the antibiotics.  I attribute this to the colloidal silver, probiotics I take, and the zapper.  There is quite a bit of interest in the zapper being shown on the on-line support group I belong to.


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