I have been reading your newsletter for years and enjoy it very much.

I see you have finally said something about the liver cleanse. I must tell you that I have done 198 liver cleanses in the last 6 1/2 years. I do them because I must. My liver keeps clogging up with stones. I have past well over 100,000 stones. If I do not do the cleanse I will turn yellow, and convulse in severe pain etc.

I have quite a bit of liver pain and fibromyalgia etc. My question for you is:

Have you ever heard of anyone with the same problem as me? Is there anyone out there who must keep doing liver cleanses every 2 weeks  just to stay alive? This is a severe problem and I am in no way cured. I have found a treatment. But the cure eludes me.

Needless to say, nobody understands.

Could you please put me in touch with anyone who is dealing with the same problem as I am. It would be good to compare notes with such a person and maybe we can learn from each other what we are doing wrong by seeing if we are doing similar things etc., etc.

I am going to try to attach  photos too. There are approx. 2000 stones on the plate.



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