Subject: hello again

Hi,  I'm going back on the parasite cleanse. I felt so wonderful after and during it.

Then I guess I'll have to do the kidney and liver cleanse. 

I've been feeling crapy, and sick, with fibromyalgia and fatigue, and have been searching for a cure. 

Well I remembered how happy I was with Hulda Clarks program, and in fact she is the one that recommends ornithine and arginine,  which I have since found out help fibromyalgia because they help to promote the human growth hormone. 

I was able to give up my melatonin at bedtime when I used the ornithine,

I never slept sounder.  I have been on a quest for years, I have more vitamins than a health food store, and herbs too.

As I sifted through my mind, Hulda Clark popped into it,  Maybe this is the only program I need, I never got around to the kidney cleanse because upon reading all the things I needed to do it seemed a bit complicated.  I think I'll go on the parasite cleanse again, and then in order to get better I will try the kidney cleanse and I guess the liver cleanse too, if that is the path I should take.

Sorry If I'm rambling, I have one goal in life, that is to be healthy again


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