Hello Christina,

In addition I like to inform you, that we have introduced the Zapper to many of our friends in Austria and Switzerland living here in Saudi Arabia which have illnesses or suffering as described in Dr. Clarks book. Some of this persons has smiled on us in the beginning and have been not convinced by only showing the book and the Zapper. But as peoples suffering they are at the end willing to try Dr. Clarks methods of healing and all we have recommended to zapp have finally tried it also with excellent result.

The cured illnesses has been:

sleepless painful nights, acne, prostate, flu, zits, herpes.

They are now like my wife and me regularly zapping and feedbacks are all astonish good and satisfactory.

I myself have since I am zapping no more flu at all. On my last vacation in Indonesia I get signs of a flu that has been spread by other family members. I immediately used the Zapper with smart key for tropical deceases and it was gone.

No Flu has developed.

We use this also for other family members which have flu as well other developing signs like myself and all felt soon better after Zapping.

Meantime kind regards from Saudi Arabia

Y and W

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