Hi There, 

I have recently purchased your Super deluxe zapper....which I am beginning to begin to understand and in doing so congratulate you on such a fantastic device.

I suffer from Herpes (HSV1)  I have on my genitals.  I was about to experience my first outbreak in five months two weeks ago so I started zapping.....i have the wrist straps and was finding it was more holding the outbreak at bay..... not suppressing it. 

So I then figured that if the virus resided at the base of the spine and was present on my genital that I should try zapping on a site specific basis....which I did....wrapping one wrist strap around my genitals and placing another at the base of my spine.

The good news is that this almost overnight totally removed the outbreak from the site....and within 48 hours had removed all signs of it.  I was super super happy to say the least  in light if this very miraculous little discovery

In closing I would like to forward my heart felt thanks for you sharing this amazing technology and the above mentioned benefit is only one of many.

kind regards


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