Since July of 2007, I have been using the 3 herbs in your book "The Cure For All Cancer".

Firstly, let me say thanks for this book.  It puts the mystery of the human body into a language that I can understand.

Secondly, I have noticed a general feeling of good health.  One in particular is an overall higher energy level. 

Some of the other things that I have noticed are:

  1. the constant ache/pain in my right leg is gone
  2. the numbness in my right foot is gone
  3. the pain across my lower back is gone
  4. my water works is flowing normal.  I was on Flomax in July and August. 
  5. I stopped taking it in Sept
  6. the moles or warts on my chest are slowing disappearing ???
  7. my skin feels clean all the time
  8. when I close my hands tightly and then open them, I notice a brighter redness thru the skin

I drive bus for a living and after my 8 hr shift, I can get out of the seat more easily and can actually walk normally.  I use to limp and walk very slowly because my legs and hip hurt. I now can drive all day without being soar or stiff.

…mental attitude is more positive
If I understand this correctly, the 3 herbs are cleansing the blood and now the blood is doing the job of cleansing the body organs.

I will keep you posted.

ps My friends M and M introduced me to this book in June 2007.  They told me that 2 people that I knew are living a normal life free of cancer.  This shocked me because I had thought B (colon cancer) and C (leukaemia) passed away several years ago.

This got my attention!

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