I have a spinal cord injury.  Searching the web I have found very little on the benefits of Colloidal Silver on the neurology aspect.

This can get into another story very easily but it is note-worthy to my case.

I have had absolutely no medical help, as in any therapy or surgery, for my condition (SCI).

June 27th, 1998, I was run over by an automobile and this is the cause of my SCI.  It has been relatively slow at its progress but I suffer many classic symptoms.  I was a geographical surveyor and was in excellent physical health.  In fact I went back to work just seven weeks after this incident. 

I never achieved 100% of my abilities but I was still able to keep a crew working.  But from this day on I never put in a 40-hour week.

After a while I gave up on doctors.  I could barely move.  In early spring 2001,  I went to see a neurologist.  About the first thing out of his mouth was "you have a spinal cord injury." 

His reasoning was that I would not have daily pain in my right ankle from just having it broke.  I would have some arthritis in it but that is it. This doctor did relieve the pain in my right ankle with Vioxx and Zanaflex.

Shortly after 9/11 I heard about  Colloidal Silver  I started drinking about 2 oz twice a day.  After about two months of CS my neck started freeing. Then I started drinking about 20 oz a day.  I am pretty much pain free. Some symptoms are gone as in problems urinating.

Being a surveyor I think that I may have had LYME DISEASE  I always thought it was a heat rash.  But whatever it was is gone now. 

One side effect of pain is obviously sleep problems.  I was lethargic most of the time.  This was corrected with Colloidal Silver. About three weeks ago I stopped drinking the CS.  A couple of weeks go by without any problems.  In the third week I started experiencing bad symptoms from my injury.  Clonus in my left arm and spasticity in my neck was the worse of all.  I guess it means I will be quadriplegic. I restarted drinking the CS and will not stop as long as I can feed myself.  The difference is night and day.

In my opinion, if you have nothing to lose, drink as much CS as you deem fit.  It will take away the pain and give you back some of your normal life.  It's a doctor in a bottle.

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