I'm so glad to have found you on this website.  I have read the book "The Cure of all Diseases".  It made so much sense to me.  Thank you for sharing such wonderful info.

I have purchased the super zapper De Luxe model and use it every day. I am treating late stage LYME disease and several secondary illnesses from the Lyme.

I am one of those people that cannot wear the old watches that were not battery operated.  When I was a child and graduated from 8th grade, my parents gifted me with a watch.  In those days we didn't have anything available except the old fashion watches that you had to wind.  No watch would ever keep time on me because of my own personal electrical body, I presume.  Since that time I have heard that a few other people have experienced similar results from watches.  I have found that I am experiencing the same thing with the zapper.

I have done a lot of experimenting with it.  At first I thought mine was malfunctioning and returned it to the person I purchased it from.  She tried it 6 or 7 times and it worked perfectly.   So, what I am finding is that if I don't have the zapper on my body but set aside, sometimes even with a pillow between myself and the zapper, I have a much better chance of it going through the cycle without incident.  Before that, it could beep the whole time or turn off or zap the whole time with no pauses.

So if anyone else experiences this type of thing, you can share what I have learned and if you know of even a better way of handling this, I would really love to know about it.

I am off antibiotics after 7 months and using the zapper.

I am so glad to have it.  Even if I can't always get it to zap in the correct way, I am sure it does some good.  I never miss a day.

Thanks again "RN"

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