Dear people at the info centre

My husband and I are since 1990 as volunteers from Switzerland in Zambia Africa. Malaria troubled us uncounted times, again and again.

In 2002, we went for 3 months home to Switzerland, when the doctor discovered that my husband had malaria-parasites in his blood. Our daughter introduced us to the Zapper Deluxe. Ever since then we never ever suffered from Malaria again.

Very often we are treating the poor People in the Compound who can't afford to go to the clinic.

Unfortunately I lost the book, but I still remember that I was searching for the Vitamin B1 or 2 Tablets and could not find them in Zambia. By then we had no ARV's for our People and we saw them dying every day.

But the reason off writing to you is that I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate the invention of the Zapper by Dr. Clark and of course that it really works by malaria.

kind regards


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