I've been doing the cleanses recommended by Dr. Clark in her book, "Cure For All Diseases" since March of '99. I have kept up with the parasite maintenance program, done a 6 week kidney cleanse, two liver cleanses, and the bowel cleanse.

I have also had all of my root canals removed, and am on my way to removing all the metal from my mouth. I regularly zap.

About a month ago, I experienced some breakthrough bleeding in the middle of my cycle. Two very large black clots were expelled, along with smaller clots and and old black blood over a period of 2-1/2 days. This didn't hurt at all, but was preceeded by a migraine headache, which I have suffered from for over 12 years.

I have tried every medical and alternative remedy for migraines, but it wasn't until this old blood was released that I have been relieved from migraines.

I normally have at least one migraine per week, and an especially bad one just before the onset of menstruation. I am happy to say I have not had a headache for one month, and began menstruating today with no headache, and no pain.

I wonder if that old blood was a breeding ground for parasites?

I have Dr. Clark's programs to thank for this incredible change in my health. I have also lost about 12 pounds and everyone says I look terrific!

Dr. Clark has helped me and many, many other people. I hope she will not be punished for all her good deeds. We need researchers and practitioners like Dr. Clark, who will continue to learn how to help others regain their health and keep it.


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