My name is TY and I live in Bristol, Connecticut. I have been using Dr. Hulda Clark's methods to maintain my own health for over three years.

Before I purchased Dr. Clarks books, I had frequent deep, pressing headaches and had much difficulty concentrating in my work, which is computer programming.

I performed Dr. Clark's liver cleanse program and also her parasite control methods.

Based on the recommendations in her books, I also had all of my 13 amalgam fillings replaced with non-toxic composite fillings. I can proudly say that following her recommendations has completely eliminated the headaches and I am much more alert and productive. I no longer crawl out of bed and require two hours and a gallon of coffee just to "wake up". I am alert as soon as I rise from my pillow and begin thinking about and solving the day's activities ahead of me.

Dr. Clark is an extremely sincere and generous person. Her books enable people to get on the track towards good health with solutions that are effective and inexpensive.


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