I was diagnosed with MS in 1985 and confined to a wheelchair a few years later. I had become very sick, even temporarily partially paralyzed at one point. My neurologist said there was no known cause and no known cure. He led me to believe that my recovery was hopeless. We found out about alternative and holistic healing techniques from a friend of ours. In November 1994 we went to Colorado Springs, Colorado to get my amalgams replaced by the Huggins Diagnostic Clinic. Afterwards I got chelated per Dr. Huggins’ recommendations.

In trying to further improve my condition, I read Dr. Max Gerson’s book "A Cancer Therapy: Results of 50 Cases" along with Jaquie Davison’s book "A Cancer Winner". Jaquie’s book gave me the courage to try the Gerson Therapy at home and Dr. Gerson’s book gave excellent details of the therapy. Then, we read Dr. Clark’s book "Cure for All Diseases" and have followed many of her recommendations. My husband made a zapper according to her instructions. We also purchased a frequency generator and have used it many times on ourselves and on some of our friends for various reasons. There was so much excellent advice in her book that we put to good use, we feel that a large portion of my recovery is due to her book.

I am now 90-95% recovered and can lead a more normal life. I got my driver’s license 2 years ago, after not driving for 9 years! My biggest problem now is that I still have the stinging/burning, electric-shock sensation in my feet and legs, but it is MUCH better than it has been. We’ve tried many things to alleviate the pain. We’ve been to about nine different doctors and have tried all kinds of treatments with little or no improvement.

I do hope it is possible to volunteer for one of your training seminars. Thank you and God bless you,


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