I had some of the MOST AMAZING RESULTS COME IN DURING THE LAST WEEK that I have seen in the last 30+ years of clinical practice!

In one of my cancer patients (she was anaemic), we lifted 

  • Iron levels from 4 to 21 (my normal is 20) with a corresponding rise in
  • Hb from 112 to 118 (normal 140) and
  • RBC from 3.73 to 3.94 (normal 4.5) after ONLY 7 DAYS on this protocol, costing only cents!

She had been on iron supplements but they weren't having any effect after 3 weeks. The Hb and RBC obviously LAG the Iron so this improvement was very significant in only 7 days.

Her Copper level was 27.6 (her father refused to do anything about their municipal water) and this dropped to 21.2 (normal 12).

Also, the cancer marker, Ca 125, more than halved from 9 to 4 in the same time (this was at 25 a few weeks ago).

She is having the next tests on Monday so I am expecting further increases in the Hb and RBC.

All the Thyroid and Parathyroid readings jumped back to normal AS WELL.

Also, ALL OF THE OTHER BLOOD TESTS NORMALISED except for one which was as a result of me OPENING a massive number of her tumors in the last two weeks. This related to eosinophils which is where her cancer is primarily.

So all these great results have occurred while ALL THESE TUMORS were being opened - they should have become temporarily worse!

I have started more cancer patients on this protocol over the last few days in addition to the standard program. I am expecting more fantastic results from 4 more patients in the next week.

When I have a bigger number of results I will let you know more.

The ramifications for all types of chronic conditions is ABSOLUTELY GIGANTIC!!!!!!


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