Wow...God bless you!!!! I am so thankful that God led me to your book when I was diagnosed with inoperable liver cancer in the Fall of 1999 just before my 22nd birthday. I began seeing numerous doctors (several of which who were claimed as being in the top 5 in the country) and was told that there was no hope for me - they had never before seen this cancer in someone my age. After a vision from God in which I was told that I was healed, He showed me that there were steps that I needed to take to obtain that healing.

I began digging deep into your book and immediately began following your programs. Well, long story short, this is now a year and a 1/2 later and I am back to normal...this experience has blessed my life in more ways than one.

I continue to follow all of your advice and make all my own products...  everything. My whole family (and even extended family) are on your programs and I tell everyone I can about it. Now I did follow some clinical things as well but I firmly believe that along with changing my eating habits it was the cleansings, etc that you advise that brought me back to normal (or I should say perfect health and have continued to keep me there!)

When I first read your book I thought "oh this sounds kind of difficult". Well, let me tell you - after following it now for over a year - it is soooo simple!!!

The other way of living and eating is what's hard. I have people contact me almost every day that have heard my story and I tell them that first of all they need to have an anointing and trust in God, the One who created us, and then second of all I tell them "Go get Dr. Hulda Clark's 'Cure For All Cancer' book. I have story after story of people who've benefited from your research. I am so amazed and so thankful. I am forever grateful to you.

My doctors are stunned and even though they see these results they, to this day, have not come out and asked me what I did! Wow, they need an awakening - there's no such thing as "no cure". The "clinical" side of this country is a nightmare. We need more (real) doctors like you who tell the truth. Miracles still do happen...I am living proof.

Thank you Dr. Clark. This was a very long story kept super short. There are so many more details that I could bombard you with but for sake of time I won't. God bless you!



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