Thank you for this wonderful book. My mother was cured from reading the book and by her own free will taking the cloves and all. 

My mother was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer in August of 2000 and her first day on the cloves was October 24, 2000 and she was in stage IV and had six months to live. Thank you and God for your knowledge and this wonderful book.  We thank you so very very much from the bottom of my heart.

Dr. Clark may God bless and keep you safe you are truly a wonderful woman and God has sent you to many people by this book. 

My mother went on December 15, 2000 at Gainesville for her reading of three cat scans the doctors are speechless they are still having her do scans because the cancer disappeared, not there.  I prayed for this so much. 

Thank you Dr.Clark for everything and I pray for God to be with you in everything you do.

We love you,


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