Noticed that your are still busy advocating Dr.Clark's Protocol.  Good luck to you and the organisation.

I just wanted to share some information with you.  Don' t know if you remember me, from Guyana, the person who used to correspond a lot with you during the time my sister was very sick from the HIV.

Well, last month she finally took some blood tests which the doctor said was very good and they are baffled at how healthy she looks after not using any of their antiretroviral drugs. 

She did all the treatment Dr. Clark suggested to get rid of the virus starting with the zapping and using the Vit B 2, then the parasite cleanse, and liver flush, added to that she used some colloidal silver.

This is the blood test results:

  Ref Actual
CD4 lymphocytes 355-1215-cells UL 360
CD8 lymphocytes 200-800  680
CD3  688-1955 1150
CD4,CD8 ratio  0.85 - 3.51 0.51

Flow Comment  - Low CD4 and CD8 ratio

I must say that we all felt heartened to know that someone out there still cares what happens to other people to go to the extent of even suffering badgering from the law and other skeptics, so I will pray that Dr. Clark and your organisation will pull thru it all.



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