Don't ever stop telling people about Dr. Clarks programs.  I'm telling everyone who will listen especially when i go to the doctor.  I was nearly dead in Jan. 04 of this yr.  White blood count 2600 T-cells 64. 

Full Blown Aids.  Followed the program Dr. Clark has outlined in her books. Viral load was over 750,000.  It's now non detected.  T-cells now 260.  I never missed a day of work with only 64 T-cells. Only because i was taking parasite medicine daily,plus 1/2 gal. of collodial silver.  Doctor wanted to put be on all this medicine.  Told me i was going to die.  I told her my collodial silver  and parasite program has kept me from getting sick.

THIS PROGRAM WORKS!   Another friend has now started the program.  I didn't remove my 2 teeth with silver filings.  I had my dentist talk to Dr. Jerome and he replaced them with some type of composite.  My t cells did drop 20 points after removing mercury and filling with composites. I then used the tooth zappercatior.  I think it has worked since my T-cells are going up. If not I will remove the 2 back teeth.  I do not know how quick they are suppose to go up.

If you would like to talk to me more, feel free to write.  Or leave me your phone Number and i will call you.  I have all the blood work to verify.  Also i sent a whole bag of parasites to the lab and it still came back none found. 

Can u believe this!  Doctor has written everything down i have told  her.  She sits and listens to me and has never disagreed.



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