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WARNING!  IF YOU DON'T WANT TO SEE MY GALLSTONES, DON'T OPEN ATTACHMENT!  Not for the faint or weak stomach or those who just think its down right disgusting!  The fourth pic is the best.  It shows how sticky the stones are.  I got the flash to work and the best focus.  The first pic is mostly chaff and like little grains of sand probably from the tiny bile ducts.  The last one is from the second extended oil concoction and has the most colorful stones. This all came out of my liver!  Can you believe it?!


I learned a few things since my last cleanse by questions and info from family, friends, and Hulda Clarks info email. 

Christina asked me if I would  take some digital pics of the stones and send them to her for their collection of testimonials. 

WHY DIDN’T I THINK TO TAKE DIGITAL PICS TO BEGIN WITH?  I did this time.  This time I passed a ton of stones and chaff lik I did the first and second, and I did the extended cleanse so I got even more!  And, the stones from the extended cleanse were the most colorful!  (I’ve got pictures)  I woke up and got nauseous and had cold sweats again at around 2 a.m. and again about 10 a.m. which was about 3 hrs after I drank the oil and grapefruit juice.  With each one I swear I’ll never do it again because I have such a phobia about throwing up ( I haven't yet.) 

But, then I see the results and know that it’s worth it.   It occurred to me that the stomach is trying to digest this concoction and is calling for more bile(that I knew.)  The Epsom salts have dilated the bile ducts to the max and all of a sudden the liver starts pushing one of the clogged ducts and it starts moving until it pushes it into the gallbladder and then out into the stomach.  I think THAT’S when I get real nauseous and break out in a cold sweat because the liver is doing something its not used to doing and it traumatizes the body for a while.  My new epiphany.  Hmmm.   I think thats why Dr. Clark says, "Go to sleep right away", and I do but I keep waking up when I start getting nauseous.   Anyhow, this time I started passing stones at about 4 a.m. and passed a whole bunch each time I had a BM.  

Four times I passed stones and a lot of them!  I am so excited!  I won’t have to do surgery on my gallbladder! 

I’ll digest my food better, absorbing more nutrients out. 

Its giving me more energy AND, all my aches and pains have almost disappeared!  That’s a Bonus I didn’t expect!  


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