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Hello Dr Clark!  And thank you sooo much for your having this information available to those of us wishing an alternative to Surgery!

I am one of the many out there who was diagnosed with having calcified stones in my Gallbladder and was told i needed to have my Gallbladder removed surgically.  I am not a person who enjoys surgery... or any other procedure that would take an organ out of my body... i haven't taken asprin or any other medicines since before 1996, and now it's 2008!  I am 54 years young and want to stay that way...young that is!   So i decided drastic measures where i was going to play detective started me on the journey to finding you!  

I started looking for alternative procedures to rid myself of the stones.  I had already been cleansing myself of parasites, drinking more alkaline water, and had done an intestinal cleanse months and weeks before discovering i had gallstones. And after researching the internet and talking to a friend who had previously done your Liver Cleanse, I went out and  bought your book "The Cure For All Disease" and immediately went on the Liver Cleanse.

Oh My Goodness!  I followed exactly what you specified and what happened to me and my body was miraculous!  i passed over 1500 stones of varying colors from green to tan, and different sizes.  There was also a lot of "chaff" floating on top of the toilet water.  I was amazed at how many stones i had inside me, and that each one started with a "parasite", which meant i had that many inside my body...ugh!

I couldn't wait to do another cleanse in 2 weeks, and again i passed around 50 more stones.  I will be doing another cleanse here in about a week, and am looking forward to the results! 

I found it so fascinating that I decided to take pictures of my experience and tell all my family and friends about my experience.  Since then I found  out that 3 out of the 8 siblings in my family had already had their gallbladders removed and all 3 of them were still having problems abdominally!  I immediately experienced a lightness in my abdomen, my upper back pains have no longer been a problem for me, and i sleep so soundly at night its almost like I completely forgot I  ever had problems in my body.  It's so easy to forget...yet the pictures I took tell all, and keep me in line to continue with your programs.  I decided to purchase the Kidney Cleanse ingredients from you, and finished up that program, feeling much more alive!  I have also taken your advice on cleansing my cat with the animal protocol too, as I do  not want to take any chances again with another attack of gallstones, because of parasites.

I am sending along with this email a  few of the pictures i took.  Thanks so much again Dr Clark for your supporting those of us wishing alternative ways to heal, and for making us all more health conscious responsible beings!  I just can't thank you enough!!!

Many blessings,
K. A. B.  (4269)

ps...as i was writing this email, one of my sisters went on the Liver Cleanse for the first time.  She had been experiencing major back pains, leg pains, stomach problems, menstral problems, headaches and has had for over 20 years Ulcerative Colitis.  After the cleanse ALL the symptoms  that have plagued her for so many years have disappeared!  And she realized she doesn't have to take the pills for sleeplessness. 

pps... here is an excerpt email  i sent out to my brother and his girlfriend just after i finished the cleanse!  Thanks for reading!

---------------------  Hey Mike and Judy,

I wanted to keep you both updated on the progress I'm having with my gallbladder problem...

Remember I spoke to you about a plan of action I was taking to rid my gallstones "alternatively" instead of "conventional"...okay, so, for the past many months I have been doing a "parasite cleanse"; As per Dr Hulda Clark's book "The Cure for All Disease"; and a "colon (intestinal) cleanse" the past month, to detox.  In Dr Clark's book she talks about how most people have parasites and to cleanse them from the body we need to do 4 things in this order of importance...

1. Parasite Cleanse
2. Kidney Cleanse
3. Liver Cleanse
4. Colon (Intestinal Cleanse)

and that many diseases, allergies etc should clear up...also with eating properly etc....
Anyway, what I'm getting at is; on Friday last I had another "gallstone attack".  So, because I was just getting prepared to do the Liver Cleanse" on Sunday, and had already read the information needed to do it, I decided to "open the bile ducts" with the EPSOM SALT SOLUTION SHE RECOMMENDS FOR FLUSHING OUT THE LIVER & GALLBLADDER OF STONES...

To my utter and happy surprise I drank a cupful of the epsom salts solution and my pain went away!!!!!!!! 

Okay, so now instead of waiting until Sunday to do the "Liver Cleanse" I started on Saturday and passed over a THOUSAND STONES!!! I tell you it was incredible and interesting to see...I took pictures to make sure I wasn't fooling myself in thinking "oh this is just another one of those crazy cleanses that really don't work", but it did.  So now for the next year or so, I will be doing this cleanse every two weeks, until I am free of the stones...

So now I think about all those people going to the hospital to have their gallbladder taken out so that the attacks won't come back, yet now I am sure that doing that just alliviates the pain, not the problem...

Anyway, you two are the only ones I am passing this info onto cause your both as Crazy a Scientist and Health Nut as Me!  and I'm thankful to be able to share my story with you.  I am now on the Kidney Cleanse for the next 6 weeks, and already I am amazed at how much energy I have now, and the bloating and pain in my stomach has lessoned...hopefully with continued use of this procedure, I will feel even more healthy, without all the drugs, operations, and cost!

Thanks for listening...enjoy the pics!  Notice the green (bile) stones, and the tan ones...also you can see the "chaff" on top of the water...this is the start of many that would be forming.

Love, Sis and Friend

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