Here are some pictures of the first flush that I did last May, '09.

I've done 15 total now, the last being about 2 weeks ago.

I have passed many hundreds of stones, from BB size, to some of the compacted stones that  are dime size or larger.

I also passed lots and lots of the sand/chaff. I've only gotten a scattering few stones the last couple of times, so maybe I've about gotten everything cleaned out now!

I read in "The Cure for all Diseases' that one lady had to do 30 flushes to finally "get her life back" ! Hopefully, I won't need that many!

I think these flushes are great. I've never experienced any pain at all with any of the flushes. I've told many people that they should do these!

I also got a parasite zapper and started using it about the same time that I started doing the flushes.

Thank you so much for continuing the work of the great Dr. Clark!
God Bless, R (4322)

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