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I first found out about the Liver flush from a recipe book handed down through three generations of my family that dates back to Victorian times. The flush is done with Epsom salts, grapefruit juice and wait for it Castor Oil. Guess those were the ingredients available in New Zealand at the time. I was also told by an elderly relative that the reason all old homes in NZ had a grapefruit tree was so the women could do their liver flush regularly. 

I also have a second copy of the same recipe, given to me many years ago by an elderly Doctor, who had also had the recipe for the liver flush handed down through three generations of Doctors. He told me that it was used in NZ Doctors before surgery became available for gall bladder problems and he had seem many large stone passed safely.

Three years ago I became a Diabetic and it was noted that my liver function tests were abnormal. I also had a liver ultrasound done which had hyperechoic areas, (which would relate to small stones in the liver ducts) and fatty liver disease.  That was enough for me.  I got out the old family recipe book and did the flush using olive oil in place of cod liver oil.

Thousands of grit like stones were passed and I repeated the process every six weeks for over about a four month period. To my Doctor’s amazement my liver function tests returned to normal, and he is now starting to listen to what I have been saying.  

One year on I recently noticed a slight rise in my liver function tests so repeated the Liver Cleanse. Just a few stones and chaff. The tests have been repeated and are now back to normal. I do not have stones as evidence but I can if you wish provide copies of my Liver Function Tests.

I am aware that many people are being advised not to eat grapefruit because of the potential malabsorption  of the Statin drugs, and we are now seeing many people with Vitamin D deficiency. I have an excellent reference in relation to all aspects of nutrition.

Manfred Urs Kock’s book “Laugh with Health – the Complete Illustrated Guide to health, died nutrition, natural foods and recipes. (1996) 16th Reprint Merino Lithographics Pty Ltd,  18 Baldock St Moorooka Queensland 3105

This author promotes “ half grapefruit a day, makes fat go away.”   Although I am unable to find it today, but there is also mention of the Diabetic being unable to assimilate fats and if I recall correctly Vitamin D leading to stones in the liver, so I hope there will be continued research into the value of the Liver Flushes.

The recipes that I have are similar to that promoted by Dr Clarke but utilize only 3 ingredients – oil, Epsom Salts and fresh grapefruit juice.

Kind regards
B H  (4319)

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