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I have been doing liver flushes every month or two since 1995. 

Just before I started doing liver flushes my cholesterol level was measured at 204 total.  I was surprised because it usually ran 120. 

I did 2 liver flushes; on my next check up it dropped to 160 and with another 2 flushes it leveled out at 140.   A friend, who at the same time was tested at 214, went on cholesterol reducing drugs and got all the way down to just below 200, big deal (and a lot of salad!). 

The way I tell if I need a flush is that I start to need 8 hours of sleep. 

After a flush my sleep requirements are only 6 to 7 hours and I wake up refreshed. 

The parasite cleanse is critical.  At one point we got a stray cat that stayed in the house.  The very next liver cleanse produced NO liver stones at all.  I thought that I must either be clear of stones or parasites were blocking the bile duct.  I did parasite cleanses and 2 more flushes, no stones.  After awhile we found a home for the cat and we all did parasite cleanses.  The next flush produced a large amount of stones thus demonstrating the need to be parasite free. 

How many can you do?  I have done up to 3 cleanses in one week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday).  Amazingly the third flush produced as many stones as the first flush. 

I did notice that each flush was different in that the first one produced a lot of chaff, while the 3rd cleanse produced mostly stones.   

D. McN (4318)

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