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Dear Dr. Clark,

I just stumbled upon your site today, but I did the gallstone flush about 2 years ago. I got the recipe from some other site, but it gave you credit for it. I am just about to do it again and am about to down the epsom salts (yuck!). I have not had any problems since completing it 2 years ago, but I figure it can't hurt to do it again to be sure. Here is my story:

I remember my first gallstone attack. I somehow drove myself to the hospital. They did some tests and informed me it was a gallstone and I would likely have to have my gallbladder removed. I started having attacks every couple of weeks. They were sooo painful! I'd end up in hospital begging for morphine and projectile vomiting from the pain.

EVERYONE was telling me to have the surgery, but I felt if God put that organ in my body, then it must be there for a reason! I also read that the surgery would double my chances of colon cancer! Add to that my intense fear of surgery. Throw me off a plane, but don't cut things outta me, please! I refuse to be a sheeple, and figured I'd do some research before doing the drastic measure of surgery. I googled for remedies and found a couple, but this one seemed to come up repeatedly. I talked to people who had done it. One friend who was a nurse said she did the flush before, but the symptoms remained.

I explained to her that you should do it monthly for at least 5-6 months, not just one time! She warned me that if I didn't get the surgery, my gallbladder would explode and I'd be dead within minutes to hours! Okay, so I started searching for the chances of that happening. I found nothing at all on exploding gallbladders, but then found a medical paper written in Polish. I translated it with my computer, and it said that gallbladders bursting almost always happened during the surgery! Like a balloon, it burst when the scalpel started the tear! That eased my mind a bit, but I was still conflicted whether I should spend half a year doing the flush, or get the surgery to be safe.

I prayed about it one night and asked God to bring somebody into my life that day that would give me some sort of answer. I went to Staples to do some photocopies, and the very first person I met that day started talking to me. He asked my last name, and it turned out he knew my family from 20 years ago! What are the odds in a big city! He told me his wife had done the olive oil thing 16 years ago, and had not had a problem since! That was my answer. I did the flush and could not believe the volume of stones and gravel I passed-HUNDREDS! I felt like a BB gun sitting on the biffy! My partner's friend was over and as a nurse, she said they really looked like gallstones. I felt so much better after, but after about 4 weeks, had another attack.

My family said "SEE? It didn't work! Get the surgery before you drop dead from a burst gallbladder!" I knew I needed to give it the proper run.

I found that each time I did it, I'd feel good for 3-4 weeks, then get an attack. I'd take Buscopan and Demerol to make the pain ease a bit. I'd do a flush and feel fine again. By the 6th flush (over 6 months), I was passing far, far fewer stones-if any, so I figured I was cleaned out. I had a CT scan which did not show any stones whereas an ultrasound 6 months ago confirmed many small stones. I was clean!

It has been 2 years now and I still feel perfect. I just want to do one to make sure. I will never forget the pain of those attacks! They were excruciating. The flushes were painless, although tasted horrible. I used lemon juice the first time, but will only use grapefruit now. It's much easier to swallow. I'm also not looking forward to spending the next 4 hours on the toilet, but it beats the alternatives! I just wanted to share my story. I tell everyone I know. It changed my life!!!

Thank you so much for promoting it to the world.

T.G.  (4315)

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