If only I had known one day I would be asked to provide evidence for the efficacy of the Clark liver cleanse. 

This liver cleanse saved my hide.  Sadly, the tests I had to show a sick liver are all in South Korea, where I lived at the time.  I would have no access to them anymore.  I went to the most celebrated skin doctor in the country. 

He pumped me full of an experimental drug, nothing worked to stave off the skin lesions I had had for three years.  I recalled reading about the liver cleanse years before.  I was desperate.  Ironically, the least intrusive method created the most exacting results.  Within a day, my skin started to clear.  My three-year skin malady was finally eradicated. 

The medical establishment is afraid.  We've already showed, now proving, we can take care of ourselves.  The puffed-up industry of deceit and exaggeration is entering into the first stages of collapse. 

They'll fight to the death.

R.W. (4350)

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