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On October 8, 1998, at age 55, I was diagnosed with cutaneous T Cell Lymphoma. I was given a few months to live. A bone marrow was done and a catscan was taken four days later, coincident with the commencement of chemotherapy. A week later, the results of the bone marrow and catscan indicated a more promising prognosis -- I could live another five years. Five months of chemotherapy ensued.

At the end of the chemotherapy (February), my oncologist and I were pleased with the results. Chemo was done! He would see me again in three months.

Unfortunately in mid April, the lymphoma returned. The largest tumor was removed but two more tumors grew. The doctors felt that neither chemo nor surgery would work so they decided to try radiation. In Canada, we have a waiting period to try radiation so it was booked for July.

I was terrified of having radiation and decided to pursue Hulda Clark's book, the Cure for All Cancers, which I had bought during my chemotherapy sessions. Commencing with the daily kidney cleanse tea, and then adding the parasite cleanse, I followed the regimen in her book. Three weeks later, the tumors were gone!

On July 7, I met with the radiologist as it was a consultation only. He examined me and said, you don't need radiation, you look great. He also confirmed that radiation, as it is a 'spot' treatment, would not get all the cancer, only certain tumors. He was very interested in the cleanses I was taking and researched the ingredients while I was at the hospital. His conclusion was they were doing me no harm, in fact 'wormwood' is known in medical circles to kill tumors and advised he would render a report to my oncologist. The radilogist recommended a kidney test to ensure the cleanse was not toxic to my kidneys; however, he felt the dose was too minimal to be toxic.

August 9, I saw my oncologist and after several blood and kidney tests, was told I did not need to see him again, I could expect to live a 'normal life expectancy', I was fine! We have jointly agreed to check ups every 3 months as a preventative measure. Interestingly, I showed him a bottle of the parasite cleanse and he said I was the second of his patients to show him the cleanse, the other patient had leukaemia, and was doing as well as I.

October 2, I returned from two weeks, touring, hiking and exploring the Canadian Rockies. I feel great, thanks to Hulda Clark.

I realize that testimonials can be 'a dime a dozen' but having been diagnosed with what we all dread, Cancer, I decided early in my diagnosis that I had to take control of my healing and exhaust all opportunities -- dying was never on my agenda. What did I have to lose, nothing and I had my life to gain. My two daughters thought I was crazy to do the cleanse but support it wholeheartedly now.

There are many of us taking the cleanse and doing well, some who have refused all 'conventional medical' treatment (chemotherapy and radiation).  I think I owe my life to Hulda Clark's parasite cleanse.


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