I have a question regarding the formation of Liver and Gallstones.

I have read some on what Liver Stones are and what makes them.

I do not fully understand.

What I would like to know is how fast do they form. Is there formation similar to that of a Pearl?

I ask this because I have been doing liver cleansers for over 6 years. I do one generally once a month. I have done well over 100 cleanses.

I just finished another cleanse today. I can not believe the number and size of the Liver Stones that I flushed out.

I figure the mass of Liver and Gallstones has been the equivalent to that of a five pin bowling ball, if not more.

I keep doing them and they keep coming. I wonder when I will finally be free of them and will only have to do a cleanse once every six months for maintenance.

So that is why I am interested in how fast they form. If you can help me with any information it will be appreciated.

Yours Truly,


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