Thank you for your reply to my email....

I intend to do the liver cleanse several more time after some amazing results!

Can you please advise of the mg dosage for the capsules to take instead of the Epsom salts... I have looked on the Epsom salt box however it doesn't give an amount of magnesium? ... I could wing it and take a guess but I would hate to overdose on the capsules (Lord the result on the loo wouldn't be pleasant! :)

I appreciate the link you gave me however I am located in Australia and will not be buying the capsules from the states on line.

Thanks again for your help,




I have done the liver cleanse twice now and have been amazed by the results! I never would have believed that there were 1000's of gall stones inside of me!

The Epsom salts however are VERY hard to swallow... So much so that I vomited up a does on each occasion... On the second cleanse I added some  Ribena.. Is this doing nay damage or decreasing the effectiveness of the  cleanse?  I would like to do the cleanse several more times and was wondering if there was something else that could be used instead of Epsom slats or something else that could be added to them?

I had thought that magnesium tables tablets might do the job?


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