September 2007

My name is M and I was writing to you in the past. I need your help.

I did the liver clean 6 times now. On the first time I got 89 stones  out (green ones) some were quite big. I felt very good after this clean in general. The second clean I got about 40 stones some were big.

I felt good after it too. The 3rd clean I got 500 stones out!  Most of them were very small. I felt quite bad after this clean for few days.

On the 4th clean I had a big argument with someone before I went to sleep so I hardly was able to sleep at all. I got no stones at all on this clean! The 5th clean I also got no stones at all.

The 6th clean I moved everything 2 hours later meaning the first drink was at 20:00 instead of 18:00 second at 22:00 etc' again I got no stones at all!!! The only thing I got out on these 3 last cleans is small white particles (about 150 in each clean) which I am not sure what they are. It looks more like food remains so I do not consider them to come from the liver.

So actually I got no stones in the last 3 cleans. Not even one.

So I do not know what is wrong. I only got about 630 green stones out. Dr Clark is talking about 2000 minimum.

Can it be that I finished the liver clean with only 630 stones?

How does a person know if He finished the liver cleans?

Did you see in the past anyone with this phenomena?   Am I doing something wrong?

What do I need to do now?   Please your advice.

Thank you


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