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I've done a kidney cleanse and colon cleanse.  I watch what I eat.  Little dairy, I've cut back on meats (no pork).  I'll try bumping up the liver flush to make for a week between cleanses.  I didn't pass as many stones the second time, but I think it was largely because I was about five minutes late for my ten o'clock drink.  However, I still passed a few stones including one the length of almost two quarters. 

I will see my friend tonight.  He took a couple pics of a few stones, including the decently-sized one.  I'm telling you it's fascinating to lie down after the olive oil drink because I can actually feel the pressure within my bile ducts/liver/gallbladder.  I even said to myself during a pressure sensation which stuck out from the rest how it must be a bigger stone from the rest - and it turned out I passed the largest one yet! 

So, I will get you those pics by tomorrow.  AND, I will send you pics every time I get them taken. 

I am forever grateful for your help.  As much as it sounds like my complexion is still not so good, be aware that it is much improved. 

I also have more energy and feel overall more optimistic about my health. 

I don't take any email you send to me for granted.  I've told several people about this cleanse and the people such as yourself that are helping me by answering my questions for me free of charge.  I just know in the past two weeks I've added years to my life.  I'm twenty-seven, an independent filmmaker (writer, director, actor and editor) and a composer.  When anything comes of success for me, I'll be sure to donate to you for your efforts.  And hell, knowing me I'll probably just give you money.  I'm that grateful.  You've saved me loads of doctor’s appointments. 

This country's idea of medicine is insane.

I want more people like you.   (You may post anything I write as testimonial.)

Question - I looked it up but have been unable to find anything about ozonation.  What does ozonating the olive oil mean?  It is it just letting it sit in a container without a lid for twenty minutes?

I'll continue to report my progress.  You'll hear from me so much you might get sick of it.  



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