Hi, I have been a Dr. Clark advocate for many years now, and, so far, I still cannot overcome sinus infections or chest colds with the parasite program or the zapper.  I am SICK of going to the doctors.  I got a huge bill from them last time to stick a camera up my nose to tell me I have a polyp.  I didn't expect that bill to come, I am so mad.

But, I have to go to the doctors to help me get rid of my sinus infections and chest colds.  Any information you have would be great.

Also, is there anything I can do in my community to raise awareness of the Dr. Clark protocol?


P.S. My asthma is great, allergies much improved, depression still comes and goes, but over all, a huge improvement.  I just did a liver cleanse last night, a different version, and have a ton of energy, despite my sinus infection and chest cold.


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