Dear Cristina,

I'm utterly convinced of one thing with regard to this illness - it IS a nervous system disease. The nerves to the inner ear are being attacked by something that causes a slow but inevitable physical degeneration of the inner ear.

Call it empirical evidence if you like, since I can't prove it, but it results from my own inner awareness and observation, and a lot of fumbling in the dark with zapping and plate zapping.

The vertigo attacks are definitely caused by strep and salmonella in the hypothalamus, as plate zapping for that instantly brought relief, which makes Meniere's truly a syndrome because you have multiple symptoms caused by different factors. Although the unifying factor would likely be a particular parasite.

And all this started with living in a polluted garage apartment where my landlord worked with chemicals that were sucked up into the apartment by the AC system.

If I can bring one good thing to the world as a result of this illness, it would be knowledge that would help others. That would make it worth all the suffering.


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