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I wrote to you last month about my progress using the products.  I have breast cancer that has metastasized to the bones.  My family and friends cannot believe my rapid improvement.  I know it's important to see the scientific proof as well as seeing the visual improvement and hearing the anecdotal stuff.

This week when I went for for checkup at the University of Pennsylvania my Oncologist was smiling when he handed me my lab report.  He told me my bloodwork was "perfect".  Normally my lymphocytes are very low.  He told me that when you have bone cancer you will never go into full remission.  He is ordering a full body bone scan for mid summer and I will let you know what shows up there.

Another side effect of the treatment that I've noticed is that this time of year I normally suffer with allergies and migraines and so far nothing. Perhaps it's the influence these herbs have on the immune system.

I've been sharing this information with my clients and I'm sending them to your website to find out for themselves.

Much appreciation,


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