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CkarK Zapper
Clark Zapper

Lo zapper è un apparecchio di terapia, inventata dalla Dr. Clark di fama mondiale. Uccide piccoli microorganismi come parassiti e energizza i nostri globuli bianchi.
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Krankheiten und Protokolle
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In che modo i parassiti, i batteri, i virus e i funghi differiscono tra loro e cosa provocano nel corpo?

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It has been about 8 months since I read about Dr Clark, and ordered the zapper and the cleansers.  I started to feel better immediately.  I had allergy like symptoms that seemed to have come on very severe quite suddenly. 

I had gotten married and move, doctors said stress. Well I doctored everywhere, I was very ill and losing weight. No one offered much help.

I ordered the tapes on Cure for all Diseases and my friend got the book. 

I stared zapping and felt much better but the itchy eyes, sinus, red nose were still there.  I started the parasite program also.  When I started the cleansing program, it seemed to be hard on my stomach so I stopped. 

If your sick believe me you better be your best investigator because doctors for the most part seem ignore you and blame it on stress. 

After months of searching and putting everything together, based on Dr Clarks theory. I found the problem!  I had H. Pyloi. 

One doctor refused to do the scope, she did a stool sample and said that was accurate enough.  It came back negative.  My doctor at Mayo said that if I had diagnosed my self correctly a scope was the only way to find out.  Mayo is 11 hour away so I was talking with the Dr by phone.  The gastro specialist here still would not do the scope. 

If you’r sick find a doctor that will listen to you. Doctor Clark said it and if I hadn't read that I would still be sick today.  I don't know how to stress that fact find a doctor that will listen.  I found a doctor close by that did listen, she took a blood test for H. Pylori and it came back negative.  Then I told her what the Mayo Clinic doctor had told me and she scheduled a scope.  My stomach was inflamed and they put me on H2 blocker.  They read my pictures from the scope and said it looked inflamed but the radiologist said it looked ok.  The biopsy however came back positive, H. Pylori.  Finally some answers, I went on a 2 week treatment and I am feeling much better.  It will take some time to build myself back up, the H. Pylori bacteria can live in your stomach forever causing stomach cancer, Lymphoma and tumor on other organs of your body.

I didn't give up and now I am on the road to a full recovery.  If I would have listened to the medical doctors I would have wasted away while this bacteria drained my body.  People who are weak and very sick may not have the courage or strength to do what I did, I know they may need help.  Is it possible to get a web site for people to talk about symptoms and give each courage and direction to find help.  Thank you Dr Clark with out the parasite and bacteria information I would not have known where to start.  I got strong enough after using the Zapper to seek out help. 

You saved my life.  




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