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Subject: Greetings from NY

Well, to all a Happy Holiday!

I am home after my 6 week stay with the incredible Dr. Clark and her staff. This I can see will be a great year. Everyday I am clearing up all this deadly matter in my body.

Dr. Clark is a genius and never stops. Her energy, enthusiasm, love, and intelligence is amazing and contagious. She doesn't settle she will dig deep to find the problem for sure. Her assistant is also most intelligent and kind.

The success of plate zapping is taking over. I am also using magnets daily.  Colonies of parasites have been found and a lot in my brain, working on the emotional problems that I carry. I am still waiting for blood test results to see the progress of the HIV status.

After 2 weeks there, the viral load went down from 25,000 to 16,000. This was done without meds folks!! I don't know why anyone would want to put these deadly toxins from the meds in our bodies when we have so many to get rid of in the first place. It's because we are scared and don't know better. We don't want to die of AIDS. WELL, I don't have that fear anymore. I think I will be negative to it soon. But as people have said, you must follow the protocol.

However, I feel that it is real hard to without a synchrometer tester at hand. All my food was tested there, I ended up renting an apartment and cooking, which was great practice for me. She was quite impressed that the things I made passed free of dyes, parasites, benzene and all. She tests food all the time to keep a variety at the restaurant. The medication I have been taking for 2 years had dyes in them, so I had to get ones in Mexico. Why is the country killing us!! I have too much dye, so I can't even eat fish now, she said it might be in the water, or in the antiseptic they use.

I really urge people with HIV to take this opportunity and be one of her guests. How would you feel being free of a killer disease without the harm of side effects and toxins of meds, and clearing up any other ailments? You will need money for dental and supplements and devotion to this protocol.

I had tendonitis in my upper arms for 2 years. Thought it was from working at the computer 10 hours a day. Couldn't get help from chiropractor nor physical therapy. After one liver cleanse they are so much better. My migraines came back after 16 years, but that is clearing up. Have to stay away from allergens, like cheese. 

We may get sicker before better, how can we not when such things are leaving my body. So Zapping and rest are real important. I am going to try to see if I can stay on disability, I am not too sure how to explain I can't work cause I have to zap my feet for 8 hours a days and rest, to an insurance company. I am going to try to build up my freelance business so I don't have to work for toxic people in toxic places.

I think it may take a year to finally be well. But it is so worth it. My mind is clearer and guess what IT'S NOT OUR FAULT!!! Benzene is all around us, PCB's are killing us and I am so scared of how many sick people there will be in the years to come. We have to work together somehow and wake up this country. Europe and even Mexico won't allow things like genetically altered items and deadly dyes in our meds and foods in their country.

I still have a lot to learn to catch up with most of you. I was so busy shopping here and there for foods that were tested clean and cooking and traveling, that I can study now more at home. I'll have to admit I don't follow rules to well, I make up my own most the time, but she put up with me and was impressed by my nature and said I had great potential.

God Bless all and blessing for a great New Year.


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