Dr. Clark inspired me. 

My mom just passed from cancer, and during the 9 months we were fighting, I read a couple of books from her, and I have a zapper. 

Someone told me yesterday that death comes in three’s.  My mom, Michael Jackson, and Hulda Clark were all amazing people that I can’t believe aren’t with us.  I wish they would all be remembered and I can only hope to have them remembered through me (through us). 

I talk about my mom and Dr. Clark all the time.  I just wanted to share my deepest condolences with you. I feel like I’m lost, but I have a small part of me knowing I’m not alone even though that is how I feel.

I want to crush the chemo industry.  Please try to keep Dr. Clark’s progress going, I know she would keep developing her work for eternity if she could. 

I would like to help.

Kind regards,


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