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Hulda Clark died on September 2009. Her death certificate suggests that she died of blood cancer, although the first announcement claimed that she died of complications of a back injury. This claim seemed strange to me from the start, and I cannot be sure, but I believe she did die of cancer, especially as I read the account her family gave about the last few months of her life. They explain that the cancer diagnosis has never officially made since she refused conventional treatment.

But then I am perplexed by the responses to her death by both her followers and antagonists. I find them to be dogmatic in nature, rooted in black and white thinking; almost child like logic. We seem to have two distinctly different images of this woman; two contrasting views.

Her followers claim her to be a loving, gentle healer, and a great humanitarian and philanthropist, while her opponents present her as a conniving greedy person, and some go as far as to bluntly call her a quack and a killer.

The news of her death from cancer was a celebration for her rivals. They immediately claimed all her research as fraud, simply because she was unable to heal herself. Where then is the truth? Is it with the loving remarks made in her memorandum, or with the grotesque details of the quack watch? As always, truth can be found somewhere in the middle.

I am truly appalled by the responses I heard so far, because there is something almost automatic in them. Oh, she was wrong, she was right...endless arguments. I cannot believe that we are only interested in bickering and pointing fingers. We really need a more sane, deductive approach, to evaluate another person and his life full of work.

Let me then present my opinion of who Hulda Clark was and what she offered humanity. First of, let me state that I am not a devotee of Hulda Clark. She is one health pioneer out of many that I took time to investigate their claims. However, I conducted my investigation throughly, with all my heart and mind.

I did not know Hulda Clark personally. During the last two years, I was in touch with some of her closest students, and interviewed them for my research. They have all been kind and polite with me. I have tried many of her products including the infamous zapper.

Here then are my two cents.

There is nothing false about Hulda Clark's claims that we live in a poisoned world. These claims, when first introduced in the late 80s seemed exaggerated, but now in 2010, we know them to be true. She also spoke of the unbalanced microbiology of our planet, with its many parasites, viruses, etc. Again, in today's world with reoccurring flews and plagues, we see that she was right.

Hulda Clark was also one of the first to object the placement of metals in the mouth. Years later, the movement of replacing amalgam fillings has become a wide world phenomena. Very few would still claim amalgam to be a reasonable dental choice, and in Sweden last year, it was even outlawed!

In the sense of identifying the general landscape of disease, Hulda Clark was correct. Back in the 80's, when she suggested people use natural products rather than synthetics, she was preceding what was to become a fashionable trend of the 21st century. These days, even Macdonald is trying to become natural!

I don't understand why her opponents neglect to mention that she has correctly identified the different toxins contained in many commercial products, and that she correctly measured pollution levels in water sources from around the world. This is in itself a great service.

But, as I said, I am not a follower of Hulda Clark. I agree with her prognosis of the global crisis, but not with all of her solutions. The solutions she presented, are certainly not dangerous, as some may suggest, but simply, are often not powerful enough to combat serious chronic poisoning. To fall short is not a crime.

Supplements she believed in so much, proved to me, to be unable to detoxify the body from dangerous metals like mercury. Supplements are important to protect our immunity, but are not a cure.

The zapper which I experimented with extensively, is not a cure. It does however help, especially in diminishing stress, and I believe it does relieve the immune system to some extent. It cannot and does not kill parasites altogether. Nevertheless, frequency medicine holds much promise. It is just that the zapper is a primitive device, and much more work is needed in this field.

The cleanses, like the parasite cleanse, or liver flush do no harm. What is wrong with taking some herbs, or drinking some olive oil? I have done over 20 liver cleanses. They were great, although they did not fix me, or cure me of anything.

Titles like "the cure to all cancers", are marketing slogans that sell books. We all sue such techniques. I saw a recent interview with Hulda, and she did not seem to me a zealous who thinks they can make miracles. I think she meant that theoretically speaking, all illnesses can be cured, and this is of course, true. I do not think that she ever believed that she herself can heal everything and everyone.

She was a pioneer, and she was mistaken on many points, as do all pioneers, in every field of life. She was not an evil doer, nor was she a saint. She was not the most successful healer, at least in my opinion, but no one today is. In this day and age, to heal is almost impossible, since the obstacles to cure are overwhelming.

But what is wrong with us? All the critics and experts? We know what is wrong. We are hysterical. A chronic mysterious illness is taking over all of us, and we have no idea how to stop it. We call it many name, cancer for example, but in the end, is it medical ignorance that lies in the core of it all.

None of us: patients, advocates, mainstream doctors or alternative healers, have any idea anymore what to do. And I include myself. Although I have many insights to share, I am the first to say that todays' medical situation is overwhelming and I cannot fully solve it; certainly not on my own.

What I cannot stand is when so called medical experts engage in name bashing, rather than concrete discussion of the medical crisis at hand. All these arguments and talks, and in the end we are not any closer to solve this. Enough already with negative energy; this only make things wors

When we see a struggling pioneer, let us try to help them, rather than attack them. Hulda Clark was such a struggling pioneer. Granted, she may have not defeated cancer. Granted, she may have made claims she could not substantiate, but so do all healers and doctors of our time.

Let us not forget that those who sought her help were already disenchanted with so called mainstream views. She may have failed, yes, but we are all failing, including large portions of Western medicine, Eastern medicine, alternative medicine, etc. We are all failing, because we are so isolated and argumentative. It stands to reason that we must join forces to succeed.

I am no one's friend, and no one's enemy. I only care for truth.

To your health and mine,

I and the M C

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