I live in the San Francisco Bay Area. 
A little over a year ago I developed Rosacea and a Thyroid Imbalance. 

Everything I read said Rosacea said it was incurable. 

I researched and researched.  I came across Dr. Hulda Clark's book "A Cure for all Cancers" in Whole Foods Market.  I had a friend and sister with cancer so looked closer and bought the book, actually three of Clark's books. 

I did a couple parasite cleanses and passed round worms, yuk. 
I finally got brave enough to do the liver cleanse.  I have done three liver cleanses. 

My thyroid gland is much better, the Rosacea is completely gone. 

I am also taking Iordoral iodine for the thyroid; the liver cleanses have reduced the amount of iodine I need to take by half. 

Dr. Hulda Clark's books and research have saved me a life of misery, and saved my skin and face.  I was getting scaring and my face was swollen from Rosacea. 

Because of Dr. Clark's books, there is no need for me to take Thyroid medication for the rest of my life, which if the prognosis from allopathic doctors.
I gave a copy of one of Dr. Clark's books to my M.D.  He was impressed and happy to get the book.  Especially since he saw how my health improved.
I was so sad to hear of Dr. Clark's passing, and wish I could have met her in person. 

She changed my life.
My Condolences,

D. R.

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