This was my thoughts to friends when hearing of Dr. Clark’s passing…

I am in shock!

It is indeed a great loss to mankind - beyond what most mortal men can (and are willing) to comprehend...She was Mother Teresa offering free life-giving healthcare to the world and to everyone - provided they can read and have a 5th grade education.

Many of us will continue to owe our lives and our future wellness levels to Dr. Hulda Clark.  Maybe this will give her work a greater platform. 

Please understand - the physician to the Pope uses her protocols exclusively over the objection of the Medical Societies in Italy.

She has suffered so much personal abuse at the hands of the European and US Medical and Pharmaceutical industries.   She reminds me of Copernicus in his day - jailed as a heretic for suggesting that the Earth revolved around the Sun. 

It is continually fascinating to see so much medical knowledge and intelligence in the world today so warped and misguided by greed, power and control - continually sacrificing human life for pharmaceutical profit - which today literally fuels our government.

She was indeed a Patriot of the world and a humanitarian beyond comprehension today - especially by today's medical ethics and standards...when medical science today gets their heads out of the "protective sands" of inconclusive data and pharmaceutical control - then we may be able to follow her leadership in eliminating the "cause" of disease.

One area of her research (if allowed) should result in everyone being able to connect your finger to a device on your computer and in a few minutes have a complete detailed medical analysis and diagnosis of all health conditions – at NO cost.  A complete body and organ analysis on demand - based on digitized sound resonance.

Is there a value to such?  Talk about FREE Healthcare!  Her research and technology is still publicly available and her protocols will continue to be a primary source of wellness for those of us who seek them and for those who have a mental resource and do not require large institutions or an entire government to be responsible for their wellness.

There is no experience more enlightening than listening to a very respected Oncologist with serious countenance say “I don’t understand – there is no trace of your breast cancer anywhere – we must have mis-diagnosed” after 2 weeks of Dr. Clark’s protocols – and that was 8 years ago. 

We built our first Parasite Zapper in 1998 with $25 in parts from Radio Shack.

Thank You, Dr. Clark.    H.H.  Texas

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